jessica the dreamer

Jessica the Dreamer

Jessica is always dreaming of ice cream rivers and banana boats, of what she wants to be when she grows up, like a famous chef, a hairdresser, a firefighter, a Doctor or maybe even to a famous painter. Come along with Jessica to her wonderful world of wonder and excitement!

This is a fun book that will teach your child to dream, and to dream big, and know in their heart that they can be whatever they want to be with God’s help.

why is my house


Are you tired of living in a constant state of clutter and chaos, wondering why your house is always a mess? Are you seeking a clear, step-by-step plan to declutter and organize your home quickly and efficiently? Look no further! Why Is My House Always a Mess: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days is your essential guide to achieving home organization and storage perfection.

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